A2ZMOROCCO is a network of internet websites offering properties for rent and sale direct from owners.

After more than 20 years experience in the real-estate and tourism markets, the founders of A2Z have understood the need for such a network, eventually covering several countries worldwide.

High commissions which are often not justified by the service offered are too frequent.

The world of internet allows everyone the access to advice and help.

We have created the “Traveller’s Club” to offer potential and existing clients access to news and offers relating to holidays in Morocco.

It is also our aim to award stars to properties advertised on this website and we need feedback from Club Members who have rented a property.

A simple e-mail with your membership ID, the property reference and 3/2/1 stars + any comments will help us improve the quality of the properties offered.
(3 stars = excellent. 2 stars = satisfactory. 1 star = poor)

Our network is still young, but our experience is extensive and we aim to offer a simple, economic bridge between owner and client.

Your feedback, comments and ideas are important to us.

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