A2Z can assist with obtaining a mortgage at the best available rates.

A lending bank will require a first charge on the property (or other assets) and this usually means borrowing from a bank in the same country as the property you wish to buy.

Some UK banks have branches in other countries and our financial service will recommend the easiest and most economical lenders.

A mortgage may vary from new-build developments to a resale property.

As elsewhere in the world, a mortgage is based on income and status.

A firm mortgage request can only be processed after the signature of a sales contract, with a condition of finance included.

Note : The vendor of a re-sale property may refuse to sign a sales contract with a finance condition.

As this will block the chance to sell to a cash buyer for the time the contract is valid – 45/60 days).

Please send us your details and our financial advisors will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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