All property purchases require professional advice and it is essential to use the services of a reliable lawyer.

The cadastral and legal structures in Morocco are similar to France;
French will be the official language for most transactions.

There are two contracts to buy a property and a notary is responsible for the transaction.

Most new developments are selling off-plan:

An initial reservation deposit of approx 5% will secure the property, followed by a second payment of 35% to confirm the purchase.

The balance is paid, in the form of a mortgage if required, upon completion.

Foreigners buying a re-sale property in Morocco are advised to form a Moroccan company to own the property.

A lawyer will check the property title deeds to insure clean title.
One person can own a company in Morocco.

A Moroccan company requires a capital deposit of 10,000 € which is released once the company is registered.
The cost of forming a company is approx 1,500 €

CGT in Morocco is 20% for the first 5 years; 10% for next 5 years and zero rated after 10 years.