Morocco is a country only recently discovered by many Europeans; with its diversity of landscape, including lakes, forests and snow-topped mountains; the proximity to Northern Europe; the history and culture and the friendly people.

- Language: Virtually all Moroccans speak French and many speak English, especially lawyers, also in banks, restaurants, hotels, etc.

- A warm. dry climate: The country offers sunshine all year, cooled by sea breezes on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts.

- An Amazing History & Culture: The famous Medinas ( listed by World Heritage), Palaces and walled cities, music festivals, International Film Festival in Marrakech, Jazz Festival in Tanger, etc..

- Easy Access by Air: The King, Mohammed VI has invested in modernising the airports and transport systems of Morocco. Numerous airlines have opened routes to most major cities: Royal Air Maroc,
British Airways, RyanAir, Jet4you, EasyJet, etc.
Ferry services from France and Spain.

- A very affordable life- style: the culinary choice is mouth-watering, cool and spacious accommodation for all needs with service and staff available for everyone.
Once a property is purchased, 1000 € per month enables you to live like a King!.

- A safe Investment: Since King Mohammed VI launched his restructuring plan called AZUR 2010, the country has attracted billions of euros of investment from the Middle East, USA and Europe.
A massive re-housing project has removed many of the slums around the large towns and the population are benefitting directly from the growing economy of the country.
Security is very strict and there is no doubt that Morocco represents one of the safest countries outside the EU.

- Property Prices: Despite an increase in prices over the last 5 years, property still remains incredibly good value. Marrakech has seen the fastest growth, but still offers a wide range of villas and apartments from 100,000 €.
Rental potential is high, which will keep prices rising and we expect to see a steady increase in real estate for at least the next 10 years.

- Diversity of the landscape: Morocco is not all sand and desert, as many believe. The Atlas mountains offer skiing in the winter and incredible sunsets all year round. There are cedar forests, lakes, olive groves and 3000 kilometres of coastline and beaches.
Morocco has the luxury of two coastlines; the Atlantic with endless sandy beaches, golf courses, surfing and other water sports and the Mediterranean, facing Spain, with rocky cliffs and endless small bays.

- We can guarantee that Morocco is a country full of wonderful surprises and with a promising future.
Ideal for holidays, retirement and investment.